We provide trustworthy medical care for any and all pediatric conditions included but not limited to: 
  • asthma
  • allergy testing and treatment
  • ADHD
  • obesity management
  • ear infections
  • developmental concerns/autism
  • birth control
  • wounds requiring stitches
  • acne
  • depression/anxiety
  • Sports and school physicals (see below)
  • URI, strep throat, sinusitis
  • sleep difficulties
  • sports injuries 
  • breastfeeding trouble
  • constipation
  • We also now offer ear piercing and fluoride          treatments for cavity prevention (see below)
We now offer physical appointments on Saturdays! 
We are happy to offer this new convenient option for our busy families.  Frequent well baby visits and yearly physicals are a very important part of your child's health.  These function to promote wellness and prevent problems. In order to provide the safest care, we require that every patient complete this yearly comprehensive health examination in our office.

We now offer Medical Ear Piercing!

The doctors at Pediatric Associates are now offering ear piercing using safe, medical grade tools. 

  • Avoid infection: We use the the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System, which is only available through medical offices. Earrings are prepackaged in sterile cassettes. You can be assured that anything that comes into direct contact with your skin is one-time use and disposed of after every client, therefore there is no chance of cross-contamination.

  • Avoid allergy: Our medical-grade plastic earrings have 0% latex, 0% nickel, and are BPA-free. There is no risk allergy. They are super light weight, and great for babies.

  • Avoid pain: We offer an optional topical numbing cream for virtually pain-free piercing. The numbing cream is applied approximately 30 minutes before the piercing takes place.

  • Update! We now have two piercing guns and can offer simultaneous piercing. Great option for nervous school aged kids!

Price is $25/ear or $35/ear with numbing cream.

Keep that smile healthy!

  • Fluoride treatments are fast and easy and prevent decay
  • As soon as baby gets that first tooth through age 6, fluoride treatments should be applied every 6 months
  • Pediatric Associates can now provide this service during a well visit or as a scheduled appointment 
  • It is completely covered by most major insurances and is strongly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Associates is the only local office offering this important service