Did you know?!?!?! 

We have a patient portal available from our website for our patients' use. 

This allows you to have real-time access to medications, labs, vital signs, patient education, imaging, upcoming appointments, and much more!  You will also be able to request appointments,refills, test results, and message our office with any NON EMERGENCY related medical questions or concerns.

 If you want more information, please give our office a call or follow the directions on the Portal Activation Letter and click the button below to get started!  

Flu Vaccines are here! We still have flu shots available for this season!!!

Just give us a call to schedule an appointment with a nurse for your child to get their vaccine!   

Spotlight on Nutrition

What is 5210?  It's a simple approach to promoting health and avoiding obesity in children:

5: Aim for 5 fruits and vegetables every day

2: Keep screen time to 2 hours or less a day

1: Include at least 1 hour or more of active play every       day

                                                                               0: Skip sugar sweetened beverages and juice, drink                                                                                        more water every day